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The 5 Star Swing Trader

QQQ Calls + 10.13% in 3 days ....... SPY Calls + 14.74% in 17 days....... ATVI Calls + 57% in 5 days

AAPL Calls + 61% in 12 days....... AAPL Calls + 91% in 3 days.......SPY Calls + 62% in 1 day

"I can write paragraphs about the successes however  This is one person who sincerely wants people to make money. 
James Bright. New Jersey  "Everybody should be using this service"


This is my most Powerful and Versatile of newsletters with recommendations for Stocks, ETF's, and Option strategies
utilizing my STM model with each and every trade recommendation, monitoring from entry through exit,
designed to keep you in the right stocks, on the right side of the market, and on the right side of the trade.

Strategic Trading Methodology

The Trading Model that has never missed a major market move. So what does that mean?
The STM model has triggered a buy signal for every major move and a sell signal for every major decline giving
traders incredible insight for trading and investing opportunities that could have not been experienced.
In other words signals were triggered to enter positions prior to significant price movement and exit prior
to dramatic declines that could wipe out your capital. This is the most powerful market timing formula I have designed
and I use it with every trade in my 5 Star Swing Trader Now Available with Auto Trade with Global Auto Trade.

Timing - Timing - Timing

* Recommends stocks and option strategies to include:
* Long Puts and Long Calls for stock and ETF's
* Long Stock positions and Long Inverse ETF's
* IRA Compatible - Use in an IRA or Trading Account
* It is not necessary to use auto trade however it does help
* Sent to Members via email with updates

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