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Auto Trade With Global AutoTrading

How will I be notified that a trade has been issued ?
All new trades, updates, and information are emailed directly to members.

How many positions will be open ?
This depends on the newsleter and could vary during the year. We notify members of each service regarding the number of open positions.

How long are positions held ?
Anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the service.

How can I review the open positions?
As a member you will have access to the Members Link to view open positions and recently closed positions.

How much money should I trade with per trade ?
The minimum amount suggested per positions is $500.00.

Will I receive email updates every day ?
Open position updates are sent to members weekly.

I do not have a lot of option trading experience. Will this work for me ?
Each trade comes with specific instructions that you could practice on your brokers trading site. Additionally your broker will walk
you through a step by step list of instructions for trade input. Additionally, there is Auto Trade that make trading easy.

What kind of brokerage account will I need ?
Discuss this with your broker. An Option Level 3 will be needed to trade credit spreads. Option level 2 for Power Options.
Please contact your broker for details.

How much money should I start with ?
This is a question that you will have to decide upon, however a $2,000.00 - $100,000.00 could be a good starting point.

Can I lose money trading your system ?
Yes. Trading stocks and options come with inherent risks.

What about a Stop Loss ?
The objective is to exit a positions when a loss of 50% is reached, dependinging upon the service.

Are refunds available ?
Yes. With Our 100% Money Back Profit Guarantee.

Can I transfer or switch from one service to another?
Switching between services in not permitted.

Are subscriptions automatically renewed ?
Yes. All subscriptions are automatically renewed at the same term and price as the original subscription term.

How do I cancel my service so the subscription is not automatically renewed ?
Cancellation can be effectuated by an email to takingprofits@takingprofits.com specifying the name of the subscription
(Spread Trader, Power Options, 5 Star Swing Trader, etc.). The cancellation email must be received by Taking Profits prior the the renewal date.
Trades and updates will continue to be emailed to subscribers until your membership end date. Taking Profits will confirm the subscription
cancellation with an email to the subscriber.

I have more questions !
Please email us at takingprofits@takingprofits.com

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