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Spread Trader

Let me tell you a bit more about my Spread Trader program and a Guarantee in options that changes everything.

I want to preface this information by saying there is in
Fact an available Guarantee in the Options Pricing
that could give traders Extraordinary Profit Opportunities to profit short and long term.

Did you know there is a Guaranteed Function of stock option pricing and that is Extrinsic Value Decay.
I believe this is an great trading method that could fit into every traders portfolio.
The Profit Methodology

First there is TIMING of the stocks price movement. This is most critical.

Option Time Value as stated in Wikipedia: TIME VALUE WILL IN FACT DECAY TO ZERO at expiration,
with a general rule that it will lose ⅓ of its value during the first half of its life and ⅔ in the second half.
As an option moves closer to expiry, moving its price requires an increasingly larger move in the price of the underlying security.

This is POWERFUL. There is a Guaranteed FACT that Time Value goes to $0.00 by expiration.
Therefore if I sell Time Value @ $100.00 per contract I know that Time Value and at expiration will be worth $0.00.

So what is the strategy ? How does this translate into money ?
The trading strategy is to sell an option that is Over- Priced and Out of the Money, and Most Important, the price
of it's underlying stock is predicted to continue in the desired direction through the options expiration date.
You keep the option credit which is credited right to your brokerage account, sit back, and wait for the option to expire to $0.00.

Timing is still the Most Important Factor.
The price of a stock can do only 3 things. Go Up, Go Down, Stay the Same.

Two of the three directions are AUTOMATICALLY favorable to the desired price direction.
That's 66.67% of being right automatically.

Add my Strategic Trading Methodology for the correct price movement and the Odds of profit increase dramatically.

With a Put Spread,
1. If the stocks price goes up from the day the option spread is executed through expiration, you win.  
2. If the stocks price stays the same from the day the option spread is executed through expiration, you win.
3. If the stocks price even goes down from the day the option spread is executed though the expiration date, you could still win
(as long as the price is above the short side strike).
Automatically 2 of the 3 price direction occurrences are to Your Advantage right off the bat which is 66.67% chance of winning
and even if the stock price goes down from the day the trade (with put spreads) is executed, many times we still win. WHY?
Because the option positions are out of the money and over-priced which helps in the event price of the underlying security
goes in the direction we don’t want it to.  

Credit spreads allow options traders to substantially limit risk by forgoing a limited amount of profit potential.

With a credit spread, this risk can be quantified—in most cases, you'll know exactly how much money you're risking.

Credit spreads are versatile. Most traders are able to find a combination of contracts to
take a bullish or bearish position on a stock.

* It’s IRA Compatible.
* Auto Trade available
* Allocate a minimum of $500.00 per trade. 

In a Word. The Best

"Lou Russo and his Spread Program is world class. a fantastic trading program and a spread trading system
that I am more than happy since joining as I am trading the system and profiting................"
Jim Hanley. Connecticut


Very Very Good

"There isn’t much more I can give here than that of which has already been written.
Lou Russo has developed an exceptional model that is far better than any other system, strategy, or method,
I have used myself, read in a book, or through other market newsletters or profit seers".
Sukaam Kumar. New Jersey

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