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Your Profits Measures Our Success

Using a Trading System that has never missed a Major Market Move
and designed to outperform the Major Markets

A Conservation Trading Service that could
Double Your Money Every Six Months

Use for Extra Monthly Income or Growth
IRA Compatible

"Exceeded expectations"

"The accuracy of the trades is uncanny..."
Thomas C.


" Lou Russo has developed an exceptional model... .."
S. Kumars.


"Everybody should be using this service..."
Mark F.

100% Money Back Profit Guarantee

A Credit Spread service that could Double Money Every Six Months

A conservative credit spread strategy combining my Strategic Trading Methodology for timing the direction of
a stock price movement with selective options for that stock using the decay of extrinsic value makes a super trading method
with profit opportunities that could reach up to 20% per month and even more.
- Extra Monthly Income - Growth - IRA Compatible -

In a Word. The Best
"Lou Russo and his Spread Program is world class. a fantastic trading program and a spread trading system
that I am more than happy since joining as I am trading the system and profiting................"
Jim Hanley. Connecticut
100% Money Back Profit Guarantee

Power Options Trading

Buying Calls and Puts gives traders fantastic and incredible profit opportunities of making huge profits
with small amounts of money. Here's what I like best about stock options. Positions can literally double, triple,
and even quadruple....all within short periods of time.

- Timely Long Puts and Call Options - IRA Compatible -

Very Very Good

"There isn’t much more I can give here than that of which has already been written.
Lou Russo has developed an exceptional model that is far better than any other system, strategy, or method..."

100% Money Back Profit Guarantee

5 Star Swing Trader
The Strategic Trading Methodology - Never Missed a Major Market Move

My STM Model is designed to keep you on the right side of the trade, in the right positions
Maximizing your potential profit with every trade.

- Stay on the Right Side of the Market - Maximize Profitability

- Crash Proof Your Portfolio - You Will Always Know What To Do and When

Trade options, credit spreads and stocks with covered calls


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Major market move defined as a minimum 10% decline in the Dow Jones 30 Industrials within a 30 trading day period