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Lou Russo's
Taking Profits
My Goal is to Make You money

The Strategic Trading Methodology that has NEVER missed a major market move

Three Newsletter services designed to profit with every trade. The Spread Trader, Power Options, Five Star Swing Trader.
Trading stocks and options gives traders fantastic and incredible profit opportunities of making huge profits with small amounts of money.
But first, let me get the bad stuff out of the way. As with any investment, whether it's real estate, antiques, gold, oil, stamps, anything for that matter,
there is always the risk of loss and just no guarantees of profits. I have confidence my trading model could keep traders on the right side of the market
time after time however there is no trading strategy that is perfect. If you know of one that is perfect please let me in on it. With that, here is what I like
best about stock options. Positions can literally double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple....all within a days or even hours. It can give the opportunities
of any portfolio a tremendous boost in size. And perhaps the best factor is that your loss is limited to the amount of your initial cost to purchase the position.
That's right! If you buy an option for $100.00 the most you can lose is $100.00. AND, your upside profit potential is enormous. The option price can double to
$200.00, triple to $300.00, quadruple to $400.00 or a even lot more. The profit potential is unlimited. This is a pretty good deal in my opinion when one can
get unlimited profit potential with a defined limited loss.

Traders could now have the most important advantage to achieve profits with each trade using my most accurate timing signals for trade opportunities.
You could Explode Your Profits, Supercharge Your IRA, Build that Nest Egg with three powerful services.


I believe my trade recommendations deliver the best opportunities on the street to help you gain:
Wealth - Extra Income - Growth for the future - Cash from active trading opportunities.

Three newsletter services for traders who want to get the odds in your favor and Beat The Markets.

Spread Trader Power Options 5 Star Swing Trader

In a Word. The Best
"Lou Russo and his Spread Program is world class. a fantastic trading program and a spread trading system
that I am more than happy since joining as I am trading the system and profiting................"
Jim Hanley. Connecticut

Very Very Good
"There isn’t much more I can give here than that of which has already been written.
Lou Russo has developed an exceptional model that is far better than any other system, strategy, or method,
I have used myself, read in a book, or through other market newsletters or profit seers".
Sukaam Kumar. New Jersey

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Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

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